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Car Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

Car Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer BY ELITE RIM REPAIR - ELITE OF ALBANY

You might have seen a car that is older than your grandparents but it still works like a charm. The key to making your car last for long is to give attention to car maintenance. Routine maintenance and servicing of cars lead to a long healthy life of your car. Not only car life doing routine maintenance of your car help you avoids accidents. Many accidents happen due to low car maintenance. Today at Elite of Albany we will be sharing a car maintenance checklist that can help you live your car longer.

Follow owner manual

When it comes to best practices in car maintenance, the first go-to area is to follow the owner manual. Every car has its specifications and mechanical setting. The person who knows all these best practices is the manufacturer. Thus, before everything else, ensure you read the owner’s manual to double-check what your vehicle needs during maintenance. On the off chance that you don’t, you will most likely wind up placing the wrong oil into your vehicle’s engine and cause serious damage.

Understand Warning Lights Indicators

The latest vehicles will advise you through warning lights at whatever point there are a few issues that require prompt consideration. Be that as it may, those lights will be of no use if you can’t understand what message they want to send. For example, when the service indicator light is on, it means your routine car servicing is due. Below are some of the indicators that you should know what they stand for:

  • Service Engine Light
  • Check engine light
  • Brake warning light
  • Coolant warning light
  • Oil warning light
  • Electrical fault light

Check car tire pressure regularly

Your car wheels are the most important part of your vehicle. So you should give more importance to your car rims and wheels. According to research most of a huge number of road accidents happen due to under-flatted car tires. So it is advised to do a pit stop at an auto repair shop now and then to check air pressure of your car tires. Make sure keep the air pressure of your car wheels just perfect because you don’t want to over-flat your car tires.

Inspect Car Wheels Regularly

As mentioned earlier your car wheels are the most important part of your vehicle life. Make sure to inspect your car wheels and tires from a professional auto repair facility. Especially if you are going on a long drive, then make sure to inspect your car rims and wheels because even a single curb can cause huge damage in high speed.

Wheel Alignment is Important

Ensure you check the owner’s manual to know when you need to align your car wheels. Most manuals propose to check wheel alignment after 5,000 to 8,000 miles. The advantages? Your car becomes fuel economical. Likewise, the wheel alignment does not cost much.

Do not overload your car

Overloading your vehicle does not necessarily affect your car balance. But it can cause tire breakdown. The best place to check how much your car can carry is the owner’s manual. It is also generally mentioned on the placard on the door frame.

Change Car Tires When They Are Worn Out

Here is a little extra tip for you. There is a way to check the condition of the tire using a penny. It’s straightforward; simply remove a penny from your pocket, invert the coin and ensure Lincoln’s head is confronting upside down. Next, put the penny in the middle of the tire treads and check. If you can see the head of Lincoln’s head when you put the penny between the tires tracks, it implies you need new tires. If you are looking to change car wheels or tires, we can offer the best wheels replacement at Factory Wheel Warehouse.

Don’t buy mismatch tires

Once in a while, you might get a thought of installing mismatched tires. Don’t do that. I repeat, don’t. Mismatched tires make the car handling difficult and can even cause a spin-out. Misfit tires can make other tires wear out soon and you will have to replace your wheelset in a few weeks.

Check Engine Oil Regularly

On the off chance that the engine is the core of your vehicle, the oil is the blood running in the veins that keep it running. All in all, the oil is critical for lubrication which assists with diminishing contact. Further, the lower the erosion, the less the odds of mechanical mileage.

Ensure you check the owner’s manual to confirm how frequently you should change the oil. In case you’re uncertain, you can check the oil level of your engine utilizing a dipstick. One more thing; on the off chance that you notice the oil on the dipstick looks dirt, you should change it.


Take care of the breaks

Most people don’t appreciate the significance of a well maintained up braking system until winter when the street gets misleading and tricky. That one-second delay could be the distance between life and death.


No matter how good a car you have, you have to do routine maintenance to make its life longer. Without maintenance, you will have problems no matter what. If you don’t have enough time then you should visit professional auto repair shops to keep a check on your car. We at Elite of Albany make sure your vehicle maintenance is being taken care of.