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Vehicle maintenance tips for winters

Vehicle maintenance tips for winters - Elite Rim Repair

Winter is here, and in winter we need special care for our car. Because as soon as the weather changes, your vehicle response differently to the cold weather. Today at Elite Rim Repair we will be sharing vehicle maintenance tips that can help you avoid difficult situations in winters.

Service Your Car

If your car needs car servicing, then you should service your car before the winters start. According to Keith Miller, former AA Patrolman of the year, the cold can cause a lot of problems for your car. But half of these problems can be solved by doing regularly servicing your vehicle. Car servicing detects problems in the beginning.

During the winter holidays, people get so busy that they forget to regularly service their car. This should not be the case. Mark your calendar for car service and follow it religiously to avoid hassle during the winter.


Prepare the Car Battery

A car battery is an essential part of your car. In winters your vehicle battery has extra strain due to the increased usage of lights, blower, and heater. The cold weather also decreases the battery output so, in vehicle maintenance, battery check is very important. Usually, a typical car battery lasts for 5 years but that depends on the usage and outer environment. So if your car battery is having hiccups, make sure to take your car to an auto repair shop. Sometimes the battery is okay but it is just flat, in that case, jump start your car battery.

Mix Engine Coolant with Anti-Freeze Fluid

In winters, you need to take extra care of the fluids. The first and the most important fluid in your car is engine coolant. During the winters, the engine coolant must be a mix of water and anti-freeze fluid because in winter the engine coolant gets diluted and as a result, it can freeze out and which may result in engine overheating. In the end, you might end up in an auto repair shop with a big fat bill in your hand.

Look out for your Car Wheels and Tires

It is your car tires that grip the road and save you from slipping away. In winters, the grip depth should be 3mm instead of the normal depth which is 1.6mm. Make sure to switch from summer tires to winter tires before the first snow. Visit a good auto repair shop to check air pressure and tread depths. You can also do so by reading our full tutorial DIY maintenance tips and tricks.

Check your Lights

In winters when it gets foggy, rainy, or snowy, the visibility range shrinks to just a couple of meters. In such situations, your lights should be clear. You must have fog lights installed in your car which enhances the visibility range. Your car tail lights should be working perfectly. Also, the indicators should be working efficiently as it is important that the vehicle behind you should know where exactly you are. During the winters, the windshield gets blurry due to the heater on in the inside of the car. So you should know how to use the heater in such situations.

Prepare for Long Journeys

It is obvious that you might be going on a long journey in winter. Before starting the journey make sure to check on the weather forecast and adjust your journey time accordingly. Give yourself an early start to avoid a rush. Before leaving make sure to remove any ice on your windows or windshield. Also, don’t forget to keep a scraper or de-icer in your car plus you need to have anti-freeze in your car.


When it’s winter, you need to be extra careful in your car. You must have all the tools and tricks to fight severe conditions. The contact number of Onsite rim repair services should be on your speed dial. Following these vehicle maintenance tips above and being a little care can make your journey hassle-free in the winters.

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